News Release - April 23, 2010
Stinson Takes Home Win In 100-Lap Main Event

by John McLeod

Earlier in the week, Modified driver Thomas Stinson said that the way to win the Friday night’s 100-lap main event at Southside Speedway was to be patient and protect your equipment.

Stinson was patient from fourth place at the drop of the green flag and used the new double file restart rule to grab the lead early in the race and take the checkered flag and his first win of the 2010 season. Stinson started on outside next to race leader Michael Johnson on the lap 6. When the green flag flew, Stinson ran the high side and never looked back.

“I knew the car was good on the high side, so when we got that chance there early, I knew we could get the lead.” Stinson said. “Then when I saw (Mike) Rudy on the high side for the restarts, I just laughed because I knew that it wasn’t going to work like that for them. Our car just ran good on the high side of the track.”

Mike Rudy, who held off Stinson in last week’s main event, came home second. Michael Johnson held Chris Johnson off at the line to take home third with Johnson and Alan Purser coming home fourth and fifth.

Donnie Newman looked as though he was going to pick up his first win of the season in the Grand Stock division. But Tommy Tatum made a last lap attempt at the lead and beat Newman at the line by a bumper to pick up his second win of the season.

Brian Myslivy came home third, but was disqualified, putting Shawn Hopkins in third, J.D Eversole in fourth and Daniel Shelton finished fifth.

Daniel Thomas came from 11th to the lead in the final laps of the U-Car Main event. Rusty Bennett and Mike Chapman came home second and third. David Kearns and Austin Dodge finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Mike Ganoe picked up the win in the Street Stock 50-lap main event. Ganoe started 10th and moved his way to the front by lap 10 and went on to take the checkered flag. Ricky Stotler came in second with Brian Smith, Shawn Sutphin and Michael Sutphin rounding out the top 5.

Southside Speedway will not be running next Friday, April 30, but will be back in action on Friday, May 7. The Late Model division will run a special 50/50 main event. The Grand Stock, Street Stock and Champ Karts will also be on hand for racing action

Finish Order:

Street Stock:
1. Mike Ganoe 2. Ricky Stotler 3. Brian Smith 4. Shawn Sutphin 5. Michael Sutphin 6. Travis Nicely 7. Paul Clemoons 8. Todd Ruggles 9. Robbie Groome 10. Chris Kantzler 11. Chris Bryant 12. Bo Tuck 13. James Loving 14. Justin Groome 15. Justin Dunkum 16. O.K. Wilson 17. Jason Beck 18. Gary Turner (DQ)

Grand Stock:
1. Tommy Tatum 2. Donnie Newman 3. Shawn Hopkins 4. J.D. Eversole 5. Daniel Shelton 6. Kevin Wilson 7. Bill Nixon 8. Woody Ellington 9. Doug Fields 10. James Overton 11. Cory Willoughby 12. Brian Myslivy (DQ)

1. Thomas Stinson 2. Mike Rudy 3. Michael Johnson 4. Chris Johnson 5. Alan Purser 6. Chris Hoylman 7. Kyle Wood 8. Ryan Wilbourne 9. Stacey Wilbourne 10. Hunter Slayton 11. Greg Fernandez

1. Daniel Thomas 2. Rusty Bennett 3. Mike Chapman 4. David Kerns 5. Austin Dodge 6. Charlie Simons 7. Frank Silva 8. Jason Marshall 9. Josh Thomas 10. David Blankenship 11. Jody Young 12. Jordan Bell 13. Andrew Condrey 14. Corey Lawrence 15. Tony Mills 16. David Gonce 17. Michael Harper 18. Bryan Scott 19. Jonathan Doane 20. Shawn Hendricks