May 17, 2007

Southside Speedway management and track officials announce the following penalities:

April 13, 2007
Modified driver Lin O’Neil, car #1Va, penalized 2 laps for ride height being too low during post race inspection.

May 11, 2007
Grand Stock driver Fred Key, car #18, disqualified during post race inspection for suspension not conforming to tech specifications.

May 11, 2007
Crew member Neil John Culley, Modified car #99, suspended until June 14, 2007, fined $250.00 suspended until paid, banned from Southside Speedway grounds including grandstands and parking lots and placed on probation for the remainder of the 2007 season for conduct detrimental to the sport of stock car racing for obscene gestures and inappropriate behavior in clear view of the fans at Southside Speedway. Southside Speedway is a racetrack providing family entertainment and behavior of this nature will not be tolerated.

May 11, 2007
Modified driver Ryan Boggs, car #50, held 5 laps in the pits during the race for intentionally spinning out another competitor.

May 11, 2007
Modified driver Mike Johnson, car #38, parked during the event for intentionally spinning out another competitor.



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