Announcement - August 3, 2006
New MACKA Sign-in Procedures beginning August 18, 2006

Beginning August 18, 2006 the MACKA series will no longer be signing in through the front gate. They will sign-in at the back gate and will be able to sign-in at 3:00 pm when the back gates open. This should give the MACKA teams plenty of time to get unloaded and not be rushed to make their practice. When you come in, you will unload your karts and roll them to the same pit area the series has been using all season. Also, we need the MACKA teams to work with the existing teams in the pit area when you are unloading. Please remember the outside pits from the crossover gate to the concession stand (MACKA pit area) narrows considerably. Other divisions use this area to park their haulers in, so please do not block them in, especially during practice (5:00 pm). You might need to unload everything in the large open area below the crossover gate and roll your equipment to your pit area. Once you have unloaded your karts and equipment, you will need to take your trailers and park them outside of the pit gates. There is plenty of parking across Genito Road and the Southside Speedway staff person working the back gate will assist you in finding a good place to park your trailers.