Johnson earns first win
He had to hold off four-time defending champion Stinson
Published Sunday, April 13, 2008

FRIDAY - APRIL 11, 2008
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Thomas Stinson's name is now atop the Southside Speedway grandstands, but Friday night's 50-lap Modified race ended a few laps too early for him to put his name on top of the standings.

Chris Johnson's first victory came after holding off four-time defending champion Stinson on the season-opening night for Southside's 50th season. Johnson had battled Kyle Wood for the lead for several laps before passing him on Lap 34. Stinson moved into second, past Wood, on the next lap but couldn't work his way around Johnson.

"I was working the Johnson boy pretty hard," Stinson said. "It's his first win so I cut him some slack. . . . The rest of his wins will come a little harder."

The race was actually restarted after Stinson was spun on Lap 1 by Chris Hoylman, and Stinson said the incident may have flat-spotted his tires.

Johnson's car was good enough to win.

"It was a good battle," Johnson said. "There were quite a few times he could have gotten me but he never did. To come out here and beat him on the first night in a brand new car, I feel like that's an awesome accomplishment."

Stinson was honored in a pre-race ceremony in which his name was placed above a section on grandstands in Turn 1, between the names of Roy Hendrick and Emanuel Zervakis.

In a pair of 25-lap Grand Stock races, Brian Myslivy and Daniel Shelton each led every lap in winning his respective race. Myslivy battled Keith Mackta in the closing laps.

"It was just staying consistent, running my line," Myslivy said. "I was hooked up coming off, and the 00 [Mackta] was loose coming off. He got me sideways a couple times, but I just was able to keep my cool and we got it."

Shelton overcame a broken water pump earlier in the day to capture the pole and then his first victory, holding off Chris Hott in the night's final race.

Jody Young won the 25-lap U-Car race, holding off the charge from 15-year-old Renno Marchetti IV. Marchetti started 15th but took second on Lap 14. Young never relinquished the lead after picking it up on Lap 10.


50-lap Modifieds: 1. Chris Johnson; 2. Thomas Stinson; 3. Kyle Wood; 4. Ryan Boggs; 5. Michael Johnson; 6. Chris Hoylman; 7. Brooks Lawson; 8. Hunter Slayton.

25-lap Grand Stock #1: 1. Brian Myslivy; 2. Keith Mackta; 3. Jamie Neely; 4. Fred Key; 5. Donnie Newman; 6. Chris Hott; 7. Daniel Shelton; 8. Todd Ruggles; 9. Bradley Vaught; 10. Joey Bryant; 11. Justin Brown; 12. Robert Lipford; 13. Donnie Johnson; 14. B.K. Wilson; 15. Mark Simpson; 16. Michael Moore; 17. Wayne Cole; 18. Mike Cole; 19. Bill Nixon; 20. Cory Willoughby; 21. Woody Ellington.

25-lap Grand Stock #2: 1. Daniel Shelton; 2. Chris Hott; 3. Donnie Newman; 4. Fred Key; 5. Joey Bryant; 6. Todd Ruggles; 7. Bradley Vaught; 8. Justin Brown; 9. Michael Moore; 10. Bill Nixon; 11. Woody Ellington; 12. Wayne Cole; 13. Mike Cole; 14. Keith Mackta; 15. Jamie Neely; 16. Brian Myslivy; 17. B.K. Wilson; 18. Mark Simpson; 19. Robert Lipford; 20. Donnie Johnson.

25-lap U-Car: 1. Jody Young; 2. Renno Marchetti IV; 3. Lindsay Bryant; 4. Lee Bradbury; 5. Mike Shiflett; 6. Billy Enroughty; 7. Lauren Edgerton; 8. Damon Fender; 9. Daniel Thomas; 10. Steve Thomas; 11. Michael Hall; 12. Joshua Thomas; 13. Chris Farmer; 14. Rodney Martin; 15. Corey Lawrence; 16. Dustin Carino; 17. Sean Ryan; 18. Mike Chapman; 19. Frank Silva; 20. George Dickson.