Dodson adds victory in Modified division to'06 r?sum?
Sunday, April 16, 2006


Different car, different division, same driver, same results.

Chris Dodson came off his Late Model Sportsman 100-lap victory last week to pick up his second straight feature in Friday night's Modified race at Southside Speedway. It also was scheduled for 100 laps but got cut to 84 because of rain and a spectacular lightning show.

Co-chief track stewards Gary Fox and Chris Stefi made the decision to halt the event, and it was to no one's protest. Most of the crowd was heading for the parking lot anyway. But they had seen most of what they had come to see.

"I was just biding my time and looking for my spot," Dodson said after the race. "I'm not running all of the Modified races here this year because I'm really going to concentrate on the Late Model Sportsman title. But, I'll tell you what . . . Mike Rudy is going to give Thomas Stinson a real run for the money in Modifieds this year. He was strong tonight."

Fourteen cars started the feature race, with last year's division champion Stinson falling out of contention on the backstretch of the first lap. Stinson tore up his front suspension in a collision with Russ Ellis and Michael Johnson and had to be towed to the pits along with Ellis.

Rudy - by Lap 19 running in third -tried to pass Kyle Wood on Turn 1, but the two drivers wound up spinning out and being sent to the rear of the field. After the caution from that incident, Jason Eberth restarted in first place with Dodson on his tail and Chris Hairfield in third.

Hairfield began to fall back and surprisingly was passed by Rudy for third place by the time the mandated pit stop for all cars was initiated on Lap 50.

Eberth experienced engine problems 10 laps into the second half of the race, and by Lap 65, Dodson and Rudy had overtaken him and headed off in first and second with seemingly no challenge from any other car.

Then Mother Nature took over, ending the race with Dodson in first, Rudy second, and Aubrey Thurston in third.

It looked like Dodson's race to win, but Rudy was close at the end.

Dwayne Bryant won the 30-lap U-Car race, J.B. Poates took the 25-lap Pro Six event and Brad Arthur took the first of two scheduled 20-lap Legends races, the second one washed out by the weather.


Modified (100 laps) : 1. Chris Dodson; 2. Mike Rudy; 3. Aubrey Thurston; 4. Tiger Williams; 5. Lin O'Neil; 6. Chris Hoylman; 7. Kyle Wood; 8. Michael Johnson; 9. Page Harrison; 10. Jason Eberth; 11. Chris Hairfield; 12. Russ Ellis; 13. Thomas Stinson; 14. Brandon Hendrick

U-Car (30 laps) : 1. Dwayne Bryant; 2. Kevin Wilson; 3. Lee Bradbury; 4. Eric Hughes; 5. Justin Brown; 6. Donald Chandler; 7. Mike Shiflett; 8. Jody Young; 9. Mark Richards; 10. Cody Deckert; 11. Cory Willoughby; 12. Josh Bruce; 13. Scott Warwick; 14. Billy Enrougty; 15. Ashten Bradbury; 16. David Blankenship; 17. Randy Patterson; 18. David Bryant; 19. Johnathan Chandler; 20. Donnie Johnson; 21 Robert Hynchey

Pro Six (25 laps) : 1. J.B. Poates; 2. Casey Sipe; 3. J.B. Sipe; 4. Wesley Harris; 5. Timothy Lane; 6. Michelle Eversole; 7. Brad Warren; 8. Allen Purser Jr.

Legends (20 laps, No. 1) : 1. Brad Arthur; 2. Kevin Yates; 3. Patrick Molesworth; 4. Cameron Patrick; 5. Addison Rogers; 6. Brad Hancock; 7. Derek Miller; 8. Chris Lemonds; 9. Scotty Edwards; 10. Spike Schultze; 11. Jeff Harms; 12. Tony Epps; 13. Jamie Laine