Johnson's run continues
Track veteran wins race, has his name added to grandstands
Published Sunday, April 20, 2008

FRIDAY - APRIL 18, 2008
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Eddie Johnson saw his chance, and the fact he took advantage helped push him to victory lane Friday night at Southside Speedway.

Johnson went three-wide out of Turn 4 just before the midway point of the 50-lap Late Model race, passing Shayne Lockhart and Chris Dodson to take second. Dodson's right rear tire was going down, and Lockhart - his brother-in-law - tried to get around him on the inside. But Johnson went to the outside, then passed Bubba Hubbard on Lap 32 and celebrated a victory.

"The move-of-the-race award was probably right there," Johnson said. "I just figured I'd give it a try. You just go for it, do whatever you can and go for it. It was just a whole lot of fun."

Johnson was in victory lane last week, congratulating son Chris on his Modified victory. Friday night, Eddie Johnson also had his name added to the grandstands next to that of his father, Cal Johnson.

Eddie Johnson finished the first 50-lap Late Model race eighth after a late incident in which he spun out Roy Hendrick during a battle for third. Lockhart, a three-time track champion from 1993-95, took the checkered flag in that race. Lockhart had started first after a seven-car inversion following qualifying.

"Track position is so important here," Lockhart said. "There are so many good cars behind you. . . . But this is my getaway, my relaxation. I don't play golf or do anything like that. Win, lose or draw, I'm in it for the fun."

In the night's final race, the 50-lap Street Stocks, Mike Ganoe was the winner out of a field of 30. He was followed to the checkered flag by second-place Alex Ayers and Larry Lam. Ayers later was disqualified for failing postrace tech inspection, moving Lam up and Kevin Brown into third.

Renno Marchetti IV, a 15-year-old driver, earned his first career trophy by outlasting Lee Bradbury in the 25-lap U-Car race.

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LATE MODEL NO.1 (50 laps): 1. Shayne Lockhart; 2. Doug Godsey; 3. Bubba Hubbard; 4. Chris Dodson; 5. Scott Turlington; 6. Rob Jenkins; 7. Roy Hendrick; 8. Eddie Johnson; 9. Russ Ellis; 10. Brandon Hendrick; 11. Alan Purser; 12. David Mooney; 13. Ray Ashworth; 14. Greg Fernandez; 15. Mike Greathouse; 16. Chris Hopkins; 17. Brad Davis; 18. Bugs Hairfield; 19. Wayne McGee; 20. Jason Pittman; 21. Sonny Allen.

LATE MODEL NO.2 (50 laps): 1. Eddie Johnson; 2. Bubba Hubbard; 3. Russ Ellis; 4. Shayne Lockhart; 5. Rob Jenkins; 6. Roy Hendrick; 7. Chris Dodson; 8. Greg Fernandez; 9. Wayne McGee; 10. David Mooney; 11. Alan Purser; 12. Brad Davis; 13. Ray Ashworth; 14. Scott Turlington; 15. Doug Godsey; 16. Brandon Hendrick; 17. Chris Hopkins.

STREET STOCK (50 laps): 1. Mike Ganoe; 2. Larry Lam; 3. Kevin Brown; 4. Wayne Groome; 5. Melvin Brown; 6. Brian Smith; 7. Michael Sutphin; 8. Nicholas Hemesath; 9. Brad Diggs; 10. Chris Bryant; 11. James Groome; 12. Sean Cook; 13. O.K. Wilson; 14. Zack Martin; 15. Kevin Lee; 16. Justin Dinkum; 17. Travis Nicely; 18. Josh Roberts; 19. Bobby Corbitt; 20. Tim Smith; 21. Rick Statter; 22. Robbie Groome; 23. Ethan Ayers; 24. Mike Harris; 25. Timothy Tiblis; 26. James Smith; 27. James Loving; 28. Jeff Arnett. DQ: Alex Ayers; Dale Gravitt.

U-CAR (25 laps): 1. Renno Marchetti IV; 2. Lee Bradbury; 3. Mike Chapman; 4. Lindsay Bryant; 5. Mike Shiflett; 6. Josh Thomas; 7. Jody Young; 8. Billy Enroughty; 9. Mark Richards; 10. Lauren Edgerton; 11. Michael Hall; 12. Frank Silva; 13. Damon Fender; 14. Corey Lawrence; 15. Charlie Simmons; 16. Rodney Martin; 17. Daniel Thomas; 18. Steve Thomas.