Stinson claims two victories
Published Saturday, April 26, 2008

FRIDAY - APRIL 25, 2008
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On Southside Speedway's opening night, Thomas Stinson said Chris Johnson's next win wouldn't come as easily as that one had.

Stinson held to his word last night, pulling away from Johnson in two late shootouts to claim both 50-lap Modified races.

"Any time you're leading the race and kind of pulling away a little bit, the caution brings them back up to you," Stinson said. "But that's when it gives you time to show what your car's made of too."

Stinson was leading with three laps left in the first race and two laps left in the second when cautions packed the field back up. However, Stinson had plenty of car under him to pull away on each green flag.

The fact Johnson was in position to challenge for the wins spoke to his team. Johnson had engine problems in the first practice, and he and his team packed up the car and headed to the shop in Ashland. There, they replaced the motor with one of his father Eddie's Late Model engines from last year.

With just eight other cars in the field, Southside officials moved the MACKA Champ Kart race to the first slot to buy Chris Johnson a little more time. He pulled his car in shortly after that first race, and started last.

"It's been a long day," Johnson said. "To come out here and go from shotgun [last] to finish second I think is pretty awesome."

In the 30-lap Grand Stock race, Joey Bryant became the third division winner in three races by holding off teammate Chris Hott. Bryant won his heat race, started on the pole and never lost the lead. Following a rash of cautions in the middle of the race, Bryant saw his car get stronger on long runs and edge Hott.

Daniel Thomas claimed the 25-lap U-Car race, beating Charlie Simons and Lindsay Bryant to the checkered flag.

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Modified No. 1 (50 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Chris Johnson; 3. Kyle Wood; 4. Mike Tomlin; 5. Jason Eberth; 6. Ryan Boggs; 7. Chris Hoylman; 8. Hunter Slayton; 9. Brooks Lawson.

Modified No. 2 (50 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Chris Johnson; 3. Chris Hoylman; 4. Kyle Wood; 5. Jason Eberth; 6. Ryan Boggs; 7. Mike Tomlin; 8. Brooks Lawson; 9. Hunter Slayton.

Grand Stocks (30 laps): 1. Joey Bryant; 2. Chris Hott; 3. Daniel Shelton; 4. Fred Key; 5. Jamie Neely; 6. Brian Myslivy; 7. Mark Simpson; 8. Todd Ruggles; 9. Michael Moore; 10. Justin Brown; 11. Jason Beck; 12. Wayne Cole; 13. Donnie Johnson; 14. Woody Ellington; 15. Bill Nixon; 16. Donnie Newman; 17. Robert Lipford; 18. Cory Willoughby; 19. Mike Cole; 20. B.K. Wilson.

U-Cars (25 laps): 1. Daniel Thomas; 2. Charlie Simons; 3. Lindsay Bryant; 4. Mike Hall; 5. Mike Shiflett; 6. Jody Young; 7. Mike Chapman; 8. Lee Bradbury; 9. Lauren Edgerton; 10. Billy Enroughty; 11. Mark Richards; 12. Joshua Thomas; 13. Frank Silva; 14. Steve Thomas; 15. Renno Marchetti IV; 16. George Fender; 17. Corey Lawrence; 18. Chris Farmer; 19. George Dickson.