Stinson sweeps Modified twin bill
7th spot proves to be sweet starting point in Southside wins
Published Saturday, May 12, 2007

FRIDAY - MAY 11, 2007
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Some people consider seven to be a lucky number. For Modified race car driver Thomas Stinson, it's a dead solid lock.

Due to his victory in the last Modified race at Southside Speedway several weeks ago, Stinson was relegated to the seventh starting position, as are all winning drivers for their next races. He won the first of last night's twin 50-lap races which meant he started seventh for the second race, which he also won.

And as a bonus, Rusty Wood - driving Stinson's backup car - finished right behind Stinson in the second race after being knocked out of the first race in a wreck.

Stinson's closest competition has been Mike Rudy, and last night was no different. Rudy finished second in the first race and third in the second, giving Stinson a run for his money all the way.

"Mike was right on my tail in the first race," Stinson said. "But I could tell he was trying to save his tires a bit, so I was able to hold off with just enough to beat him. I had to save my tires, too.

"In my first practice runs on the track before the races, the surface felt a little slick," Stinson said. "And I really think that's what set off all the wrecks and spinouts we had tonight. These guys are getting better and better, but experience and, in particular, patience is very important."

There were 12 cautions in the twin 50-lap races

Both feature races looked about the same for Stinson and Rudy. In the first, Stinson was in third place by Lap 5, second by Lap 13 and took the lead for good on Lap 19 with Rudy on his bumper the rest of the way. Rudy looked like he might be able to catch Stinson with six laps to go, but Stinson prevailed.

In the second race, Rudy made it up to third place by Lap 8, but Stinson was on his tail by Lap 11. Stinson overtook Rudy on Lap 15 and set out after race leader Jason Eberth and Michael Johnson, who was in second. On Lap 17, Stinson passed Johnson and proceeded to drive down Eberth, again with Rudy on his bumper.

Wood sneaked in to get past Rudy about halfway home and drafted his way behind Stinson to the second-place finish.

Keith Mackta won the 30-lap Grand Stock race, Cameron Patrick took the 25-lap Legends event and Casey Sipe finished first in the Pro-Six 30 lapper.

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Modified 50 (first race): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Mike Rudy; 3. Kyle Wood; 4. Aubrey Thurston; 5. Chris Hoylman; 6. Michael Johnson; 7. Jason Eberth; 8. Ryan Boggs; 9. Buddy Emory; 10. Allen Marshall; 11. Christopher Johnson; 12. David Wheeler; 13. Brooks Lawson; 14. Ernie Dettbarn; 15. Warren Lipford Jr.; 16. A.J. Windstead; 17. Billy Morris; 18. Rusty Wood; 19. Tiger Williams

Modified 50 (second race): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Rusty Wood; 3. Mike Rudy; 4. Billy Morris; 5. Buddy Emory; 6. Aubrey Thurston; 7. Allen Marshall; 8. Jason Eberth; 9. Christopher Johnson; 10. Chris Hoylman; 11. Brooks Lawson; 12. Ryan Boggs; 13. David Wheeler; 14. Ernie Dettbarn; 15. Michael Johnson; 16. Kyle Wood; 17. Tiger Williams; 18. A.J. Winstead; 19. Warren Lipford Jr.

Grand Stock 30: 1. Keith Mackta; 2. Donnie Newman; 3. Jason Beck; 4. Bradley Vaught; 5. Brian Myslivy; 6. Chris Hott; 7. Todd Ruggles; 8. Robert Lipford Sr. 9. Daniel Shelton; 10. Gary Burke; 11. Mark Jenkins; 12. John Mosby; 13. Richard Skeens; 14. Brandon Vaught; 15. Tony Ingram Sr.; 16. B.K. Wilson; 17. Justin Brown; 18. Robert Wood; 19. Jeff Happel; 20. Cory Willoughby; 21. Mike Cole; 22. Donnie Jimerson; 23. Sean Thompson; DQ: Fred Key

Legends 25: 1. Cameron Patrick; 2. Brad Arthur; 3. Rett Crosley; 4. Kevin Yeatts; 5. Brad Hancock; 6. Sparky West; 7. Scotty Edwards; 8. Zak Alspach; 9. Trevor Alspach; 10. Derek Miller; 11. Robert French; 12. Bo Triplett; 13. Dax Triplett; 14. Michael Edwards; 15. Ronny Bowman; 16. Darrell Harris; 17. Tyler Long

Pro-Six 30: 1. Casey Sipe; 2. Warren Smigo; 3. Timothy Layne; 4. Wesley Harris; 5. J.B. Sipe; 6. Matt Settlage; 7. Herman Luck; 8. Bobby Hall; 9. D.J. Watson