Morris, Stinson Post Southside Speedway Wins
Published Saturday, May 31, 2008

FRIDAY - MAY 30, 2008
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Billy Morris and Thomas Stinson were the class of the field in the Modified division last night at Southside Speedway, with each capturing one of the 50-lap races.

In the first race, Morris knew what he could expect from Stinson, and Morris thought he knew what to expect from his car.

So he threw a few wrenches into the plans, mixing up his restart takeoff points and holding off Stinson.

"This is a short track and you've got to try every little thing you can try," Morris said. "Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it don't."

It did last night, as Morris got a good jump on the final restart with seven laps to go. He opened a small lead that Stinson was able to close. Going into the final turn, Stinson moved to the outside and Morris held the inside line.

Stinson didn't have the car to make that move on the final lap, and Morris captured his first win of 2008."When you have a restart and you have a four-time champion all over you, you can't mess around," Morris said.

Stinson got his payback in the second race when he was able to get through the field and around lapped cars and held off Morris.

It was two good points races for Stinson, who opened up his points lead over Chris Johnson. Johnson hit the wall in the final 10 laps of the first Modified race, finished 10th and followed that by running eighth in the nightcap.

"Once Chris Johnson fell out, I was running for the points," Stinson said. "I played it a little smart, and that's how you win championships."

In the Grand Stocks race, Randy Adams started on the pole and led all 30 laps. He did it in a car that was made for the since-suspended Michael Moore. Moore's legs are much longer than Adams' and the winner said that was a challenge in itself.

"I was like tippy-toeing on the pedals," Adams said. "It was real uncomfortable driving it, but it feels great to be in victory lane."

Adams drove in two May races for Moore, but they were his first races at Southside since the 2005 season.

In the 25-lap U-Car race, Renno Marchetti IV claimed his second victory of the season. Females claimed two of the top four spots, with points leader Lindsay Bryant finishing second and Lauren Edgerton fourth.

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Modifieds Race No. 1 (50 laps): 1. Billy Morris; 2. Thomas Stinson; 3. Chris Hoylman; 4. Michael Johnson; 5. Kyle Wood; 6. Brooks Lawson; 7. Ryan Boggs; 8. David Kendall; 9. Stacey Wilbourne; 10. Chris Johnson; 11. Mike Tomlin; 12. Jim Grady Jr.; 13. Eddie Moore.

Modifieds Race No. 2 (50 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Billy Morris; 3. Chris Hoylman; 4. Ryan Boggs; 5. Kyle Wood; 6. Michael Johnson; 7. Brooks Lawson; 8. Chris Johnson; 9. Eddie Moore; 10. Stacey Wilbourne; 11. Jim Grady Jr.; 12. David Kendall.

Grand Stocks (30 laps): 1. Randy Adams; 2. Jamie Neely; 3. Daniel Shelton; 4. Donnie Newman; 5. Chris Hott; 6. Brian Myslivy; 7. Joey Bryant; 8. Donnie Johnson; 9. Justin Brown; 10. Mike Cole; 11. Robert Lipford; 12. Bill Nixon; 13. Cory Willoughby; 14. Todd Ruggles; 15. B.K. Wilson; 16. Woody Ellington.

U-Car (25 laps): 1. Renno Marchetti IV; 2. Lindsay Bryant; 3. Daniel Thomas; 4. Lauren Edgerton; 5. Mike Shifflet; 6. Frank Silva; 7. Damon Fender; 8. Jody Young; 9. Michael Chapman; 10. Michael Hall; 11. Billy Enroughty; 12. Charlie Simmons; 13. Josh Thomas; 14. Corey Lawrence; 15. Steve Thomas; 16. Ronnie Martin; 17. David Gonce; 18. Butch Mixell; 19. Jordan Bell; 20. Chris Farmer.

Street Stocks (50 laps): 1. Mike Ganoe; 2. Timmy Tiblis; 3. Jim Loving; 4. Alex Ayers; 5. Kevin Lee; 6. Michael Sutphin; 7. Wayne Groome; 8. Dan Crate; 9. Ricky Stotler; 10. John Foster; 11. Brian Smith; 12. Nicholas Hemesath; 13. Brad Diggs; 14. Ethan Ayers; 15. Justin Dunkum; 16. Patrick Sehenuk; 17. Robbie Groome; 18. Travis Nicely; 19. Chris Bryant; 20. James Groome; 21. Herbert Larue; 22. O.K. Wilson; 23. Larry Lamb; 24. Keith Brooks; 25. Bobby Corbitt; 26. Josh Roberts; 27. John Kantzler; 28. Melvin Brown; 29. James Smith; 30. Kevin Brown.