Stinson's Southside streak lives on, Rudy second
Defending champ claims 4th straight win in Modified race
Published Saturday, June 9, 2007

FRIDAY - JUNE 8, 2007
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Sparks were flying on the track, lightning was combing the clouds, and less than halfway into the next-to-last race of six scheduled events at Southside Speedway last night hailstones drove the crowd home early.

But in the featured race -- a 100-lap Modified contest -- Thomas Stinson kept his string of victories intact at the Midlothian track before about 2,000 spectators.

Stinson started seventh in the field of 14 cars, but picked up some early ground when a four-car pileup during the start took out three competitors right away.

Stinson's regular nemesis, Mike Rudy, did his best to hold off the two-time-defending track champion, but his effort gave him yet another second-place finish against Stinson. Stinson claimed his fourth victory in four races at Southside this season.

Rudy actually led Stinson as the two passed early leader Buddy Emory on Lap 11. But Rudy's car started to show signs of loosening up on Lap 56, and on Lap 76 Stinson made an inside move to get past Rudy and take the lead. But before the lap was completed, another caution flag flew putting Rudy back in the lead for the restart.

By Lap 81, however, Stinson overtook Rudy and led the way to a green-white-checkered finish because of another caution on Lap 97.

"The track felt a little different tonight," Stinson said. "The last 25 or 30 laps, things felt really slick. Plus, Mike's car was obviously getting loose on him, and I was able to take advantage of that.

"I was able to move on him a little more than he wanted, and I think that put him over the edge. When he started to push, he slid up the track, and I was able to get by him on the inside. I guess because there were more races on the track tonight than there usually are before we run, there was more rubber and maybe even some liquids that made things a little more difficult than usual."

Brian Myslivy won the 30-lap Grand Stock race, Mike Moore won the first of two scheduled U-Car races, and Jason Higgenbotham took the Macka 20-lap event.

The second scheduled U-Car 20 lap race and the 50-lap Street Stock event were cancelled because of weather.

Modified (100 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Mike Rudy; 3. Kyle Wood; 4. Buddy Emory; 5. Jason Eberth; 6. Chris Hoylman; 7. Mike Tomlin; 8. Michael Johnson; 9. Chris Johnson; 10. Ernie Dettbarn; 11. Brooks Lawson; 12. T.J. Guthrie; 13. Ryan Boggs; 14. Aubrey Thurston; 15. Joey Polevoy

Grand Stock (30 laps): 1. Brian Myslivy; 2. Mark Jenkins; 3. Fred Key; 4. Keith Mackta; 5. Daniel Shelton; 6. Chris Hott; 7. John Mosby; 8. Gary Burke; 9. Robert Lipford Sr.; 10. B.K. Wilson; 11. Brandon Vaught; 12. Justin Brown; 13. Todd Ruggles; 14. Donnie Newman; 15. Richard Skeens; 16. Mike Cole; 17. Jason Beck; 18. Cory Willoughby; 19. Sean Thompson; 20. Chris Willoughby; DQ-Bradley Vaught

U-Car #1 (20 laps): 1. Mike Moore; 2. Robbie Hinchey; 3. Mike Shiflett; 4. Lindsay Bryant; 5. Donnie Johnson; 6. Damon Fender; 7. Scott Rainey; 8. Josh Bruce; 9. Mark Richards; 10. Mike Chapman; 11. Chris Farmer; 12. Jonathan Chandler; 13. Joey Abbott; 14. Billy Enroughty; 15. Josh Thomas; 16. John Cole; 17. Dustin Corina; 18. Jay Henderson; 19. Amber Abram; 20. Sean Ward

Macka (20 laps): 1. Jason Higgenbotham; 2. Josh Tapscott; 3. Brad Davis; 4. Darek McCauley; 5. Stan Holmes; 6. Alan Purser; 7. Stanley Holmes; 8. Gabe Sailsburg; 9. Ben Hammock; 10. Mark Claytor; 11. Mike Webb; 12. Alex Vasquez; 13. Ryland Craze; 14. Matt Settlage; 15. Josh Settlage; 16. Craig Bartholomew; 17. LeRoy Devore; 18. Chris Johnson

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