Dodson rises in points race
Sunday, June 18, 2006

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A new car that runs best on old tires . . . tears from a seasoned driver who was sad and happy to win a race . . . and an on-track smackdown that left two drivers disqualified, perhaps for a long time.

There was a bit of everything at Southside Speedway on Friday night.

But the big story was Chris Dodson crawling back up the Late Model Sportsman points standings with a fourth-place finish in a double-points race and a victory in the second LMS race of the evening.

About six weeks ago, Dodson was disqualified and penalized by being held out of a race the following week for a brief display of excess emotion. He dropped a side panel of his Modified car on the track after being knocked out of a race. On Friday night, he was full of emotion after his victory.

"It killed me not to be here after the incident a few weeks ago," Dodson said, choking back tears. "This is my life. This is what I do best, and I love it. Some people don't like me, I know that. But this is the best thing I do. It's the best thing I've ever done. Anything less than a win is an unsuccessful night for me. And I love these fans here at Southside," he said, gesturing to the crowd.

"I know what I did hurt the team and disappointed a lot of people. But I promised them I'd make it up, and tonight's the start. I'm going to give everything I've got on every single lap," Dodson added. "And we're only eight points back in the points now."

Dodson is driving a new Dodge this year, and the sleek, reddish orange 0 car is showing its stuff. "This car really boogies when it's out front and running on old tires," Dodson said.

Russ Ellis still holds the LMS points lead with 246 to 238 for Dodson and Chris Hopkins. Ellis placed seventh and sixth in the two races Friday, with Hopkins grabbing a second and third.

Billy Morris showed stalwart power in winning the first double-points LMS race after losing his power steering on the 10th lap of the event. But he stayed out front for the entire race.

In the Street Stock race, Dale Gravitt and Bobby Corbitt Jr. tangled on Turn 4 and immediately took after each other with fists rather than speed. Both were disqualified, and co-chief track steward Gary Fox said further punishment is pending and will be announced later this week.

David Bryant won the U-CAR 30-lapper, Timmy Tiblis took the 50-lap Street Stock race and Pete Fones finished first in the 20-lap MACKA event.

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LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN, Race 1 (50 laps, double points): 1. Billy Morris: 2. Chris Hopkins; 3. John Eversole; 4. Chris Dodson; 5. Mike Greathouse; 6. Bubba Hubbard; 7. Russ Ellis; 8. Jason Pittman; 9. Rob Jenkins; 10. Sonny Allen; 11. Ray Ashworth; 12. Chris Hoylman; 13. Brandon Hendrick; 14. John Drudge; 15. Phil Ledwon; 16. Greg Fernandez; 17. Michael Hayes; 18. Dan Clatterbuck; 19. Wayne McGee; 20. Chris Mueller; 21. George Pillsbury; 22. Mark Cunningham; 23. Steve Zuskin; 24. Ed Barrell

LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN, Race 2 (50 laps): 1. Chris Dodson; 2. John Eversole; 3. Chris Hopkins; 4. Billy Morris; 5. Bubba Hubbard; 6. Russ Ellis; 7. George Pillsbury; 8. Ray Ashworth; 9. Steve Zuskin; 10. Sonny Allen; 11. John Drudge; 12. Dan Clatterbuck; 13. Chris Hoylman; 14. Mike Greathouse; 15. Rob Jenkins; 16. Phil Ledwon; 17. Greg Fernandez; 18. Nathan Thomas; 19. Michael Hayes; 20. Jason Pittman; 21. Brandon Hendrick; 22. Chris Mueller; 23. Wayne McGee; 24. Ed. Barrell

U-CAR (30 laps): 1. David Bryant; 2. Dwayne Bryant; 3. Travis Deckert; 4. Mike Shiflett; 5. Damon Fender; 6. Lee Bradbury; 7. Eric Hughes; 8. Dickie Sanderson; 9. David Blankenship; 10. Donnie Johnson; 11. Johnathan Chandler; 12. Robert Hinchey; 13. Billy Enroughty; 14. Cory Willoughby; 15. Scott Wyrick; 16. Justin Brown; 17. Josh Bruce; 18. Bobby Hail; 19. Randy Patterson; 20. Jody Young; 21. Donald Chandler; 22. Mark Richards; 23. Kevin Wilson; 24. Ashten Bradbury

STREET STOCK (50 laps): 1. Timmy Tiblis; 2. Larry Lamb; 3. James Loving; 4. Ted Newton; 5. Carl Byrd; 6. Alex Ayers; 7. Dan Crate; 8. Melvin Brown; 9. Scott Conner; 10. Juston Houck; 11. Rusty Walz; 12. Danny Ayers; 13. Joshua Ayers; 14. Eric Sawyer; 15. Kevin Brown; 16. Trey Palmer; 17. Luke Danison; 18. Joe Henderson; 19. Phil Galluzzo; 20. Nicholas Hemesath; 21. Chris Bryant; 22. Brad Diggs; 23. Josh Roberts; 24. Ronnie Bridges; 25. Wesley Davis; 26. Mark Rosson; 27. B.K. Wilson; 28. James Freeman; 29. Michael Sutphin; 30. John Kantzler; 31. O.K. Wilson; 32. John Ryland; DQ: Henry Houck IV; DQ: Bobby Corbitt; DQ: Dale Gravitt

MACKA (20 laps): 1. Pete Fones; 2. Josh Tapscott; 3. Stan Holmes; 4. Robert Peach; 5. Ryland Craze; 6. Mark Holmes; 7. Stanley Holmes; 8. Tim Hammock; 9. Allen Purser; 10. Gabe Salisbury; 11. Jim Grady; 12. Mike Conley; 13. Jimmy Green; 14. David Reid; 15. Mike Webb; 16. Leroy Devore; 17. Rodney Davenport; 18. Chris Johnson; 19. Cameron Wood; 20. Christy Jefferies; 21. Brad Davis; 22. Matt Ashworth