Stinson Captures 2 of 3 Modified Races
Published Sunday, July 13, 2008

FRIDAY - JULY 11, 2008
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Thomas Stinson has chalked out a line on the concrete at Southside Speedway and dared any would-be contender to his Modified crown to cross over it.

The four-time defending track champion easily pushed back the competition in the first of the triple 30s Friday night. He toyed with the field for 22 laps before dominating over the final eight.

But his nearest pursuers -- Kyle Wood, Ryan Boggs and Jason Eberth -- didn't just step over the line during the final two 30-lap feature races, they got in Stinson's face. This time, they didn't nervously skip a gear while challenging Stinson for the checkered flag.

Still, Stinson managed to up his victory total to six this season and lengthen his points lead over Chris Johnson by winning two of the races. In the second race, he finished within an arm's length of Kyle Wood, who won by holding off a charging Stinson over the final eight laps.

"I don't know if I held him off or he let me hold him off," said Wood, who picked up his first win of the season. "[Stinson] is just a great guy to race because he's won so many races out here. I think he gave me a little bit of slack.

"I actually had a decent line where I can drive in the middle without doing a lot of blocking. Other than that, I just had a good night."

Boggs was having a terrific night, too. He seemingly had the measure of Stinson with five laps remaining in final 30-lap feature.

But Stinson pulled even with Boggs as the two roared out of the exit in Turn 4 on Lap 27. On the final lap, they nearly rubbed doors on the back straight as they raced into Turn 3. Then, as they turned toward the checkered flag, Stinson took the high line and Boggs missed his mark down low and went spinning and sputtering toward the finish line.

Stinson charged across the finish line two car lengths ahead of Eberth. Wood was third, followed by Boggs and Michael Johnson.

"[Boggs] was a little loose, so it was hard to mess with him because I may have wrecked myself," Stinson said. "I figured if I got in behind him, his spotters would tell him I'm coming, and that causes him to overdrive sometimes.

"He was really hanging it and he was loose. I didn't really want to jump to the outside, so I figured I'd just wait to end then run and see what we could do."

Brian Myslivy, the Grand Stock winner, was disqualified after a postrace inspection discovered his crew improperly installed a suspension system. Donnie Newman was awarded the victory, making him that division's first repeat winner this season.

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Modified 1 (30 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Chris Hoylman; 3. Jason Eberth; 4. Kyle Wood; 5. Michael Johnson; 6. Warren Lipford; 7. Chris Johnson; 8. Mike Tomlin; 9. Jason Palmore; 10. Ryan Boggs; 11. Brooks Lawson; 12. Edward Moore; 13. Ryan Wilbourne; 14. Stacey Wilbourne; 15. David Kendall; 16. Jim Grady Jr.; 17. Billy Morris; 18. George Pillsbury

Modified 2 (30 laps): 1. Kyle Wood; 2. Thomas Stinson; 3. Chris Johnson; 4. Chris Hoylman; 5. Jason Eberth; 6. Mike Tomlin; 7. Ryan Boggs; 8. Brooks Lawson; 9. Warren Lipford; 10. Michael Johnson; 11. Edward Moore; 12. Jason Palmore; 13. David Kendall; 14. Stacey Wilbourne; 15. Ryan Wilbourne; 16. Jim Grady Jr.; 17. George Pillsbury

Modified 3 (30 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Jason Eberth; 3. Kyle Wood; 4. Ryan Boggs; 5. Michael Johnson; 6. Chris Johnson; 7. Brooks Lawson; 8. Warren Lipford; 9. Edward Moore; 10. Stacey Wilbourne; 11. Jim Grady Jr.; 12. Mike Tomlin; 13. Chris Hoylman; 14. Jason Palmore; 15. Ryan Wilbourne; 16. David Kendall; 17. George Pillsbury

Grand Stock (30 laps): 1. Donnie Newman; 2. Mark Simpson; 3. Chris Hott; 4. Joey Bryant; 5. Todd Ruggles; 6. Daniel Shelton; 7. Bill Nixon; 8. Robert Lipford; 9. Brandon Chapman; 10. Mike Cole; 11. Justin Brown; 12. Richard Skeens; 13. Jamie Neely; 14. Donnie Johnson; 15. Cory Willoughby; 16. Matthew Ashworth; 17. Woody Ellington; 18. Brian Myslivy

Street Stock (50 laps): 1. Mike Ganoe; 2. Larry Lamb; 3. Kevin Brown; 4. James Loving; 5. Wayne Groome; 6. Brian Smith; 7. Roger Davis; 8. Jeff Arnett; 9. Alex Ayers; 10. John Foster; 11. Don Crate; 12. Travis Nicely; 13. Henry Houck III; 14. Justin Dunkum; 15. O.K. Wilson; 16. Robbie Groome; 17. Charles Thacker; 18. Paul Clemons; 19. Mike Harris; 20. Michael Sutphin; 21. Herbert LaRue; 22. Chris Bryant; 23. Bobby Corbitt; 24. Ricky Statler; 25. Melvin Brown; 26. Timothy Tiblis; 27. Kevin Lee; 28. John Kantzler

Macka (20 laps): 1. Buzz Moore; 2. Alan Purser; 3. Stan Holmes; 4. Brad Davis; 5. Stanley Holmes; 6. Ryland Craze; 7. Jake Harberts; 8. Leroy DeVore; 9. Jeremy Grogg