Dodson prevails in LMS 100
Saturday, July 22, 2006

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The heat took its toll at Southside Speedway on Friday night, but the two hottest cars put on a heck of a show in the 100-lap Late Model Sportsman feature race, while another driver's hot temper got him in trouble with the authorities.

Billly Morris was on the pole after an eight-car qualifying redraw, with Chris Dodson by his side. It took Dodson only about half a lap to slip past Morris into first place, and Dodson held on for every remaining lap.

The heated action wasn't limited to the track.

After the race, veteran driver John Eversole sought out Ed Barrel in the pits and let his temper get the best of him. Eversole was displeased with an on-track incident to the point that Chesterfield County police were called in. Eversole was charged with misdemeanor assault, released on a summons and ejected from the track.

Track officials also said further penalties would be forthcoming for Eversole for "conduct detrimental to the sport of stock car racing, hitting a car under caution, rough driving and assault."

Dodson's victory wasn't without challenge.

"Billy Morris is the best in the business," a sweat-soaked Dodson said after the race. "He's got over 100 wins to my measly 40 or so. If you beat him, you're beating the best."

Dodson was able to stretch his lead to about 10 car-lengths until Greg Holt was spun out by Wayne McGee in Turn 1 on Lap 15, drawing the first of seven cautions.

After the restart, Dodson and Morris took off, leaving the rest of the pack behind. By Lap 31, Dodson had begun to stretch his lead over Morris by about 10 carlengths, weaving through the first batch of lapped traffic he would hit for the night.

For the next six cautions, the race was a repeat of the first restart. Dodson and Morris, then everyone else.

"Track position is everything here," Dodson said. "I was able to stay in front of Billy because I had a dominant race car. I'd run it enough to get away from him, and then I'd ease off on it a little bit. The car's just so good that I can do that."

Dodson isn't boasting when he talks about having the best car in the field . . . he proved it last night. And it didn't hurt that he started with the frontrunners. His car likes clean air, and so does he.

Ron Hester won the first 25-lap Grand Stock race and Mark Jenkins took the second. Jenkins, however, refused to undergo post-race technical inspection and was disqualified, giving Ron Hester the victory. Kevin Yeatts took both twin 20-lap Legends races.

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Late Model Sportsman (100 laps): 1. Chris Dodson; 2. Billy Morris; 3. Russ Ellis; 4. Steve Zuskin; 5. Brandon Hendrick; 6. Chris Hairfield; 7. Chris Hopkins; 8. Dan Clatterbuck; 9. Greg Fernandez; 10. Rob Jenkins; 11. Ray Ashworth; 12. Michael Hayes; 13. Ed Barrel; 14. Greg Holt; 15. Wayne McGee; 16. Thomas Stinson; 17. Jason Pittman; 18. Chris Hoylman; 19. John Drudge; DQ: John Eversole

Grand Stock (First race, 25 laps): 1. Ron Hester; 2. Donnie Newman; 3. Richard Skeens; 4. Brandon Vaught; 5. Chris Hott; 6. Fred Key; 7. Gary Burke; 8. Bradlely Vaught; 9. Keith Mackta; 10. Brian Myslivy; 11. Ryan Boggs; 12. Donnie Jimerson; 13. Jamie Neely; 14. Mike Ganoe; 15. Tony Ingram Sr.; 16. Woody Ellington; 17. Joey Bryant; 18. Chris Willoughby; 19. Todd Ruggles; 20. Daniel Shelton; 21. Tony Ingram III; 22. Jason Beck; 23. Timmy Nice; 24. Robert Lipford Sr.; DQ: Mark Jenkins;

Grand Stock (Second race, 25 Laps): 1. Ron Hester; 2. Fred Key; 3. Richard Skeens; 4. Bradley Vaught; 5. Ryan Boggs; 6. Brandon Vaught; 7. Chris Hott; 8. Todd Ruggles; 9. Mike Ganoe; 10. Joey Bryant; 11. Donnie Newman; 12. Brian Myslivy; 13. Jamie Neel; 14. Jason Beck; 15. Tony Ingram II; 16. Tony Ingram Sr. 17. Woody Ellington; 18. Chris willoughby; 19. Tommy Nice; 20. Robert Lipford Sr.; 21. Keith Mackta; 22. Daniel Shelton; DQ: Mark Jenkins

Legends (first race, 20 laps): 1. Kevin Yeatts; 2. Rette Causey; 3. Patrick Molesworth; 4. Addison Rogers; 5. Brad Hancock; 6. Mike Solaimai; 7. Derek Miller; 8. Jim Buckingham; 9. Marty Maddox; 10. Scotty Edwards; 11. Robert French; 12. Tony Epps; 13. Jamie Laine; 14. Mike Cenley; 15. Scott Henderson; 16. Cameron Patrick

Legends (Second race, 20 laps): 1. Kevin Yeatts; 2. Cameron Patrick; 3. Patrick Molesworth; 4. Mike Conley; 5. Addison Rogers; 6. Derek Miller; 7. Marty Maddox; 8. Mike Solaimani; 9. Jim Buckingham; 10. Jamie Laine; 11. Scott Henderson; 12. Rette Causey; 13. Brad Hancock; 14. Scotty Edwards; 15. Robert French; 16. Tony Epps.