2007 Southside Speedway Race Night Schedule								
For the night of April 6, 2007								
3:00	Until	Gates Open - No one is to pick out or have any tires mounted until						
		the gates open on race night. LM tires are to be impounded until						
		after the driver's meeting and until an official releases them. No one						
		is to take any race tires back to their pit stalls until instructed to.						
Round #1 of Practice								
4:30	4:40	Even Numbered Late Models						
4:40	4:50	Odd Numbered Late Models						
4:50	4:55	Crossover gate open						
Round #2 of Practice								
4:55	5:05	Even Numbered Late Models						
5:05	5:15	Odd Numbered Late Models						
End of Practice - Crossover gate to remain open until Macka Practice								
5:30	5:45	Mandatory Driver's Meeting at the infield concession stand.						
Pre - Qualifying Inspection 								
5:55		All Late Models report to the tech building to go through tech.						
Macka Practice								
6:00	6:08	Macka Practice						
Qualifying & Heat Races								
6:15	6:40	Late Model Qualifying - 2 Laps (Pos. 1-24*)						
		(If more than 25 cars are entered, then qualifying will						
		be for positions 1-20 and there will be a last chance,						
		10 Lap, heat race for the final four positions.)						
6:45	6:55	Late Model Last Chance Race (10 Laps - If Needed)						
Meet & Great / Pre-Race Ceremonies								
7:00		All Late Model & Macka's to the frontstretch.						
7:15	8:00	Flagstand gate will be open for the fans to come on						
		to the frontstretch and see the cars and meet the 						
		drivers. The band, Mozely Rose will be performing.						
8:00		Clear the fans from the frontstretch.						
8:05		Late Models return to the pits. Macka's stay on track						
		for your feature.						
8:10		Invocation & National Anthem						
Feature Races								
8:15	Until	Macka - 20 laps						
		Late Model - 200 Laps